Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Riot Points Generator

The First Fully Working Legitimate Riot Points Generator

Working Proof:



How It Works:

The riot points code generation alogorithim was cracked by myself and a small group of friends in our spare time, which allows us to generate codes in the exact way Riot themselves generate the codes, allowing them to be activated on the League Of Legends servers and reward riot points.

Probably sounds too good to be true, but it's all shown and proven to work in the video above.



What If It Gets Patched? 

Very unlikely/impossible, changing the algorithm is the only way to "patch" this generator, and that would result in all League Of Legends Riot Point prepaid cards now being void, leaving tens of thousands of angry customers and useless codes. Not something Riot wants to be dealing with.


Please make sure to choose the slow download option and to click the correct download button, these downloads are free, ignore the premium options and ignore the fake download buttons!


Button not working? Direct link:!GA0ERJhA!bOcjTBySmiSelH62rsbM_BEli4o4Td9z9GBHO9r4azo


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